Below you will find a list of products that have been manufactured or supplied by Varec throughout our history.

The product number and name are given along with the current status of the product. Varec no longer supports discontinued products, although some documentation may be available for download. Varec is able to provide an alternative, replacement product for all discontinued products listed below. To find out if spare parts are available for the product, please contact your local Varec representative for further information.

1002/5000 Series Magnetostrictive ProbeDiscontinuedRadar or Servo
1002A Advanced Magnetostrictive ProbeDiscontinuedRadar or Servo
1140 Servo GaugeDiscontinued6005 STG
1150 Multi-Parameter Servo Gauge (ITG50)Spares Only6005 STG
1151 High Pressure Servo Gauge (ITG50)Spares Only6005 STG
1160 Multi-Parameter Servo Gauge (ITG60)Spares Only6005 STG
1170 Multi-Parameter Servo Gauge with Intelligent Head (ITG70)Spares Only6005 STG
1410 Averaging Selection Unit (ASU) Discontinued4532 ATCManual
2557 Alarm Limit SwitchDiscontinued2920 FTTManual
1900 Micro 4-Wire Transmitter 1900Spares Only2920 FTTManual
2900 Float & Tape TransmitterSpares Only2920 FTTManual
3740/50W TankViewDiscontinuedFuelsManager
4000 Advanced Technology TransmitterSpares Only2920 FTTManual
4050 ATTi Bus Digital I/O Unit (BIU)Discontinued2920 FTT
4060 ATT Companion Device (Analog I/O Unit)Discontinued2920 FTT
4535/6/8 Average Temperature TransmitterSpares Only4532 ATC4535 and 4538
4110 HART Level EncoderSpares Only2920 FTTManual
4100/4200 Hydrostatic Interface UnitSpares Only2920 FTT
4120 Multi-Element Transmitter (METT) Spares Only4532 ATCManual
6500 Varec Servo GaugeDiscontinued6005 STGManual
6820 Tank Scanning Unit (TSU)Discontinued8130 STGManual
6840 Tank Polling Unit (TPU)Discontinued8130 STGManual
6850 Field Interface Converter (FIC) Discontinued8130 STGManual
7110W Magnetostrictive Sensor DiscontinuedRadar or Servo
7200 Series Radar Tank Gauges Spares OnlyRadar or Servo
770 Servo GaugeDiscontinued6005 STG
NG4 Servo GaugeSpares Only6005 STG
8206 6 - Channel High Speed Pulse InputDiscontinued
8303-3 TankGate Interface (MTS)Spares Only
8303-5 TankGate Interface (Rackbus)Spares Only
N9000 FuelsManager Data AcquisitionDiscontinuedFuelsManager
N9001 FuelsManager Application Extensions DiscontinuedFuelsManager
N9002 FuelsManager Communication Modules DiscontinuedFuelsManager
9909 Average Temperature SensorDiscontinued4532 ATC
N6005 Rackbus Communication ModuleSpares Only6005 STG
8209 Interface - Tokyo KeisoDiscontinued

Vapor & Biogas Products

Varec, Inc. no longer manufactures or supports vapor recovery and biogas products. Direct sales and support of the equipment detailed below is provided by Varec Biogas and/or Emerson Valves.

  • Relief Valves
  • Sampling and Gauging Hatch Covers
  • Flame Arresters
  • Emergency Relief Covers
  • Tank Blanketing Valves
  • Regulators
  • Liquid Separation & Removal
  • Floating Suctions
  • Conservation Vents

Please visit or for contact information and pricing assistance on these items.


Varec continues to provide tank gauging, inventory control systems, SCADA and other fuel management solutions for the oil & gas, aviation and defense industries.