Varec provides training courses covering several disciplines that support the management of bulk liquids throughout the oil and gas supply chain.

With our training services, we help you improve one of your most valuable assets – the skills and education of your employees. Our team will help you perform a front-end training analysis to identify target users and training needs. We assess the skills needed by each user group and develop training materials that address the specific needs of their role. We offer multiple methods of training, such as online materials and standard courses integrated within our software applications, as well as in-person classroom and field training.

We can also develop customized training based on your business needs.

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Educational Mix

Training is conducted through lecture, demonstration and extensive hands-on exercises. Instructors create different scenarios that pose challenges to each of the trainees. Students should be prepared for an interactive learning environment. All of our trainers are on staff, full-time and certified in the products they teach.

Depending on customer requirements, we tailor the training content and environment accordingly based on industry best practices.  Once the curriculum is established, attendees may be required to show a certain level of experience or qualification in order to understand and complete the course objectives.

Training Certificates

Some of our customer’s programs require that their staff earn certificates to verify their knowledge of our products and solutions. Courses may require a written and/or hands-on test to assess the trainees’ comprehension of the learning objectives. All of our trainers are on staff full-time and certified in the products they teach.

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