Varec an industry leader in providing comprehensive environmental compliance solutions.

Organizations that store hazardous materials have a responsibility to protect their employees, the environment and the local community. They also need to manage compliance and report performance to stakeholders as well as local, state and federal authorities. Varec can provide an unbiased view of each facility’s needs in order to comply with these requirements. We are able to integrate leak detection and overfill prevention systems, provide automated throughput analysis and any required environmental compliance training and reporting.



Leak Detection

We have vast experience testing USTs, ASTs and buried pipeline systems. Our alliance partnerships (Praxair, Mass Technologies, Vista Research, HansaConsult NA and FCI) allow our customers to take full advantage of negotiated pricing while receiving the latest technology for leak detection. The leak detection application in FuelsManager®, in conjunction with automatic tank gauging and other monitoring devices, provides a cost effective leak detection system that has been used extensively by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Overfill Protection

It is a best practice to provide some form of overfill prevention on all hazardous material storage tanks. We offer a turnkey solution for facilities looking to upgrade and achieve API 2350 compliance.  Our certified consultants survey the facility, inspect each tank and provide recommendations based on the designated requirements. There is minimal disruption in system operations as tanks can remain in service during installation and testing. Our overfill prevention systems are independent from level measurement and inventory systems, and through SCADA, we make sure the overfill measurement device is able to directly shut down pumps or valves when necessary.

Operator Training

As an industry leader in implementing, managing, maintaining and optimizing comprehensive environmental compliance programs, we have certified inspectors able to train facility personnel to ensure compliance is maintained. Alternatively, our many years of experience as a certified California UST Operator means we are perfectly suited to perform the duties of the designated UST employee trainer and operator for storage facilities. We conduct monthly visual inspections of each storage tank to monitor equipment, check alarm conditions, look for the presence of hazardous substances and verify all required activities are completed and recorded.