Connect the Dots and Maximize Your System through Smart Engineering

The November Tank Talk webinar, presented by Varec, aimed to provide helpful tips, and outline critical questions to ask and answer to help organizations successfully leverage smart engineering to connect the dots across their facility. Read More

The 3 M’s of Bulk Liquid Storage – Measure, Monitor and Manage

ABOUT THIS WEBINAR How do you choose the best measurement technologies to improve visibility across your facility? How do you monitor and control your facility leveraging automation? And how do these choices help you efficiently manage and reconcile your bulk liquid assets. In this webinar, we will share best practices... Read More

Operate: Setting up a Dynamic Point Group (FuelsManager)

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Operate: Setting up a Static Point Group (FuelsManager)

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Operate: Point Groups Overview (FuelsManager)

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2920 Float and Tape Transmitter Interface Display Overview

The first of a series of videos that demonstrates Varec's 2920 FTT touch display and configuration interface. View more here. Read More

Mobile FOD Solutions

Varec’s offers Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection solutions that reduce runway downtime while increasing runway safety, allowing you to increase capacity and efficiency. FOD Finder™ XM-M is a mobile, vehicle mounted, millimeter-wave radar detection solution produced by Trex Aviation Systems. Your operations team is able to drive and scan the entire... Read More

Foreign Object Debris Detection System

Varec's Foreign Object Detection System for Runway Safety Read More

FOD Detectors at Sea-Tac Airport

The Port of Seattle announced the launch of the state-of-the-art runway management solution developed by Xsight Systems and integrated by prime contractor Leidos (Varec), a national security, health and engineering solutions company. Read More