7660 Tactical Fuel Gauge

7660 Tactical Fuel Gauge

The 7660 Tactical Fuel Gauge (TFG) is a rugged sensor for measuring pressure and temperature in military and expeditionary collapsible tanks. It provides queried or continuous pressure and temperature measurements of fuel stored in collapsible tanks for accurate and reliable 24/7 inventory management.

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  • cSGSus Approved for use in hazardous areas as part of the Varec TacFuels system solution (USA & Canada)
  • Precision digital measurement -4 to +176 °F (-20 to +80 °C) liquid temperature measurement
  • 2-wire sensor cable is compatible with all petroleum fuel products
  • Stainless steel sensor housing with dry, ceramic-capacitive sensor element
  • All power and communications cables are connected via military style quick connects/disconnects.
  • Simple installation – direct replacement for an existing collapsible tank vent pipe
  • Remote or temporary mining and construction sites
  • Rugged design makes it suitable for harsh environments



The 7660 TFG can be installed in minutes. First, remove the existing vent pipe and feed the integrated sensor into the collapsible tank until it is resting on the bottom of the tank. Then, fasten down the 7660 TFG vent pipe coupling. Lastly, connect the power/communications cable to the quick disconnect point on the vent pipe.

System Configuration and Operation

Up to four 7660 TFGs’ power and communications can be “daisy chained” together and terminated at the 8240 Tactical Data Unit (TDU). The 8240 TDU polls each connected 7660 TFG in turn for measurement data, performs calculations and provides complete tank inventory information to the TacFuels system computing device.

TacFuel Configuration Diagram 4 Tanks


Tactical System Components



























Data Transmission Protocol

4-20 mA (HART)

Environmental Operating Temperature

-4 °F to +140 °F (-20 °C to +60 °C)

Power Required

8 – 36 VDC

Power Consumption

4 mA

Sensor Element Material


Pressure Measurement Ranges

1.45 psig (0.1 bar) to 218 psig (15 bar)
2.9 psig (0.2 bar) to 290 psig (20 bar)
≤ 5.8 psig (0.4 bar) to 363 psig (25 bar)

Sensor Element Type

Integrated resistance thermometer Pt 100 according to DIN EN 60751

Temperature Measurement Range

-4 to +176 °F (-20 to +80 °C)

Temperature Measurement Resolution

1 °K

Sensor Element Dimensions
  • 1.250 x 7.5” long – 13’ cable
    (320 x 190 mm long – 4.3 m cable)
Sensor Element Protection

IP 68 (30 bar)

Vent Pipe Enclosure

Powder coated aluminum

Vent Pipe Enclosure Mounting

Standard 2” NPT mounting

Vent Pipe Enclosure Dimensions

4.25 x 5.5 x 15”
(108 x 140 x 380 mm)

Vent Pipe Enclosure Cable Connections

YG95 234/MIL-C-5015 bayonet quick disconnects (x2)


ISA/CSA Standards – Class 1 Division 2, Groups C and D ATEX and IECEx Standards – Ex II 3(1)G EX nA [ia Ga] IIB T5 Gc (-40 °C, Ta, 85 °C)

For complete technical specifications, download the technical document or product manual.


7660 Tactical Fuel Gauge
The 7660 Tactical Fuel Gauge (TFG) is a rugged sensor for measuring pressure and temperature in military and expeditionary collapsible tanks.

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