Varec has extensive experience bringing multiple systems together to share data and work as one.

Our systems engineering and integration services are built on three core principles  – flexible approach, experienced engineers and open architecture products. We work directly with our customers’ IT specialists to design an integrated solution around our various software and hardware products.

All of the products we manufacturer or sell support industry standard protocols, but we also have the ability to develop a customized solution when needed. We integrate FuelsManager® and other HMI programs into critical systems that manage, monitor or control emergency fuel shut off, leak detection, product movement, pump and valve switches, hydrant pumps, load racks, facility gate entry and more. We can also integrate field data with third party business or enterprise resource planning systems to support inventory accounting.


Systems Engineering Management

Our senior systems engineers perform detailed planning for the definition, specification, development, verification, validation and deployment of fuel management systems, from enterprise integration to the tank gauges and controls. We use our standardized systems engineering process to perform systems engineering management for 350+ active clients operating at over 1,000 locations worldwide.

Requirements Analysis

Varec has a more than 50 subject matter experts who have commercial and defense industry experience in developing, configuring, and sustaining fuel management systems. Our extensive experience enables us to analyze the end-to-end processes and assess the users’ needs to formulate relevant objectives and accurate requirements.

System Design

Our systems engineers can assist in decomposing  requirements into subsystems, components, and interfaces to produce any necessary system specifications and designs. During the design, our engineers consider all aspects of the system, including availability, performance and cyber security.

System Integration

Our team has extensive expertise with integrating our products into a wide variety of customer infrastructures to ensure we meet common operating standards and integrate into the existing infrastructure. Our products support most industry standard interfaces but we also develop custom interfaces as needed.

Reliability, Maintainability and Testability

We perform failure mode analysis in accordance with military (MIL) standards and select suitable components to meet applicable requirements based on contract specifications.

Growth Planning

Our standard growth strategy precludes obsolescence problems at the time of delivery, including documentation on the approach and procedures for managing technology changes over the life time of the system.

Electromagnetic Environmental Effects

We test our hardware products and verify that third-party components meet electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for the target environment.

Safety Engineering

For 90 years, we have been developing products for the oil and gas industry. Our hardware engineers design all products to industry safety standards and products are tested and approved by third-party approval agencies for components installed in hazardous areas. Our systems engineers are trained to install systems in compliance with applicable safety standards.