1928 Los Angeles, California

The Beginning

Varec was founded in the greater Los Angeles area, California in 1928. The production facility was outfitted as a complete metalworking and fabrication shop.


Building Knowledge

Varec was involved in the design and construction in many of the first tank farms.


Early 1930s An Established Supplier

Creating Products

Varec was an established supplier throughout the oil and gas industry, manufacturing many of the first bulk-storage tank fittings and accessories.


Early 1940s The Making of an Icon

Model 2500 ATG

Varec developed the first mechanical float and tape level measurement gauge specifically for tank gauging that is still in worldwide use today.

Forging Industry Standards

API Standard

Varec worked closely with the American Petroleum Institute (API) to write the first API Standard for level measurement of hydrocarbons in storage tanks. The Varec brand name had become synonymous with tank gauging.


Mid 1950s Everything on your tank

Tank Storage Solutions

Varec supplied complete tank gauging and vapor control packages, including gauges, pipe fittings, breather valves and flame arresters.

Late 1950s Internationally Renowned

A Period Of Growth

Varec had a period of intense growth, with licensed manufacturers in England and Paris and representation in over 17 countries.

Embracing New Technology

Pulse Code Telemetry Systems

In line with the growth in the U.S. telecommunication industry, Varec developed the first “Pulse Code” data gathering system and electronic gauge transmitters.


Beyond Level Measurement

Inventory Management and Control

The Varec Pulse Code Systems enabled the transmission of level, temperature, pressure and alarm signals to the central control room.

Mid 1960s Forging Ahead

Solid State Electronics

Varec continuously refined its position as a market and industry leader – Varec Tank Gauge Transmitters were the first to utilize solid-state technology over relays.


Early 1970s Expanding Measurement Applications

Servo Tank Gauging

Varec introduced its first Servo Gauge, which was also used in food, beverage, and water industries.

1974 Valued Experience and Knowledge

Acquisition and Growth

Emerson Electric acquired Varec to increase their strength in the instrumentation business.

1978 Atlanta, Georgia

Coggins Systems Founded

It would later be joined with other companies as present day VarecCoggins Systems was instrumental in the development of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve Program (SPR) with the U.S. Department of Energy.


1985 First DOS-based System

Tank Gauging System IV

Varec released the first DOS-based tank gauging software package on personal computers in 1985 – System IV.

Microprocessor-based Interfaces

Varec Tank Scanning Unit

The TSU was the first next generation device that utilized microprocessor technology for tank gauge integration.

1986 Consolidation

A Division of Rosemount

Emerson Electric consolidated its instrument companies under the company name Rosemount. Varec became a “Division of Rosemount,” but still maintained the Varec brand, its production facilities in California, and a worldwide sales channel.


1991 Birds of a Feather

The International Whessoe Group

The renowned British company Whessoe made a number of strategic acquisitions to build a leadership position in the tank farm inventory management systems market, including Coggins Systems in 1990 and Varec in 1992.

1993 Approved by Microsoft®

FuelsManager® Software

FuelsManager® software was first released, and was the first SCADA package to be approved by Microsoft for the Windows NT operating system.

1994 An Open Systems Approach

8130 Remote Terminal Unit

The RTU was the first interface device to truly offer an open systems solution for integrating all manufacturers’ tank gauges into a single system.

1995 New Technologies

Radar Tank Gauging

Varec introduced a brand of radar tank gauges for marine and land-based bulk storage applications.

1997 A New Owner

Endress+Hauser Purchases Whessoe Group

Endress+Hauser – the largest privately owned process instrumentation company – purchased the Whessoe group of companies, including Whessoe, Varec and Coggins Systems. Whessoe and Varec’s vapor control business is later sold to Tyco.

1999 Fueling the Forces

FuelsManager® Defense Solutions

FuelsManager Defense software is now installed at over 600 U.S. bases worldwide. All base-level fueling transaction data is captured and sent to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) enterprise.


A New Headquarters and Strategic Focus

Endress+Hauser Systems & Gauging Division

Endress+Hauser restructured and relocated the group’s operations and manufacturing (under ISO 9001 Standards) to Atlanta, Georgia USA. The new company’s strategic focus is systems and gauging for bulk liquid petroleum.

Application Specific Solutions

Customers Benefit from New Technologies

Varec began to utilize Endress+Hauser’s process instrument technologies, most notably radar and servo tank gauges, for high accuracy and inventory control applications in the oil and gas industry.

2001 From Tank Farm to Take Off

Aviation Fuels Management

Varec entered the aviation refueling market with a complete fuels management system at Chicago O’Hare with Airport Group International and United Airlines. The solution is built around the FuelsManager software suite and also uses wireless data capture units and handheld computers.

International Standards

NMi and PTB Approved Systems

FuelsManager and the 8130 RTU are certified along with radar and servo tank gauges to international NMi and PTB standards to offer the first total tank gauging system approved for custody transfer.

2004 Return to Our Heritage

Varec, Inc.

The E+H Systems and Gauging Division reverted to Varec, Inc., continuing the 75-year tradition of working toward true open systems, supplying integrated hardware and software solutions to the customers we serve.

2006 All American

Varec, Inc., A Leidos Company

In 2006, our strength, industry position and core solutions attracted a new U.S. parent company, Leidos (formerly SAIC), that is closely aligned with all of our customers’ needs and future vision.

2007 Expanding Capabilities

Complete Terminal Automation Solutions

FuelsManager® Terminal Automation is released. Existing functionality for managing bulk liquid storage tanks is now fully integrated with new features for facility management, accounting and loading rack automation.


2011 Asset Visibility and Control

Tactical Fuel Management

Varec’s TacFuels® solution combines rugged mobile computers and the first automated fuel gauge for collapsible storage tanks to resolve many shortfalls when managing fuel in tactical or remote environments.

2014 Cloud-Based Solutions

Customers Benefit from New Technologies

Varec’s enterprise systems are used by NATO for integrated fuels logistics across its Afghanistan operations. Local facility and transaction information is immediately consolidated in an enterprise system at NATO Headquarters in Luxemburg.