Varec’s inventory control solution improves the visibility and measurement of bulk liquids.

With our full line of tank gauges and field instruments, we can support reliable and safe bulk liquid inventory control across industries. Terminal operators have the ability to monitor and manage product inventories, and account for those assets,  in real time from the local site, remote sites or a centralized enterprise location.  They are able to view all measured and calculated inventory variables, tank alarms and tank status using our FuelsManager® Inventory Management  application. There are also other applications to provide additional facility control and security.

FuelsManager integrates with all types of level instruments, such as float and tape, servo or radar gauges, as well as transmitters, flow meters and leak detection systems. Process data is collected and used in inventory calculations for stock management, and automation and control if desired.



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Reliable Level Measurement

We have an extensive product line of tank gauges, transmitters, temperature probes, field communication devices and more to help tank farms reliably and consistently measure their bulk liquid inventory levels. This means we can support virtually any configuration and level of accuracy required for both general inventory and custody transfer operations. Our measurement devices are ideal for a variety of industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, food and beverage, water/wastewater and mining.

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Remote Monitoring

Through graphical displays, our FuelsManager® software provides real-time monitoring from the safety of the control room. With detailed, up to the minute inventory measurement information being fed into the system, operators can reduce the amount of time outside monitoring tanks and levels. These displays can be customized and configured to meet the needs of each site to provide the most efficient snapshot of current statuses. Authorized remote users can also connect to each individual facility via secure internet access.

Real-Time Movement Tracking

Product movement tracking is an essential component of any fuel farm automation system. With the FuelsManager Movement System application we help facilities automatically track fuel movements based on valve position, pump status or user command. Every time a valve is opened or closed on a tank, it is tracked to capture beginning level, end level, transfer set points, volume, time stamps and other critical information used in reports. By leveraging our movement system, facility operators are also able to incorporate a fuel accounting system to more easily track ownership and perform reconciliation.

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Improved Safety

An inventory management system helps provide increased safety for facility operations. FuelsManager supports real-time alarm notifications based on the desired inventory measurement limits required by each facility. These alarms can be focused on high levels to help prevent overflow, as well as low levels to detect any potential leaks. Alarms can also be used to help operations know and increase their max flow rate. This information effectively gives them more storage capacity to increase the amount of inventory available to sell, while still ensuring safety.

Resource Management

We help make customer and resource information management easy. Within FuelsManager, terminal managers can configure, store and manage all operational data, such as customers, company, personnel and equipment in a single system. This level of visibility simplifies tracking, while also enabling activity alerts and security. Allocations are supported at any level in the company hierarchy to control product throughput for a specific supplier, manager or ship-to customer based on predefined time intervals. In addition to being able to manage equipment and stations, terminal managers can also leverage the system to set up and track personnel training requirements to better aid dispatchers in matching personnel to specific tasks.

On Demand Reporting

All data captured in FuelsManager can be configured to provide an end-to-end inventory reconciliation system for accurate daily reporting. The system integrates information related to inbound receipts, product movements and bill of lading data from load racks. This real-time information enables facilities to accurately track, manage, reconcile and report against book versus physical inventories by manager, owner and product on a daily basis. Every transaction is also logged to provide a historical audit ledger.

Integrated Communications

We can support a variety of communication protocols with our remote terminal unit (RTU). It helps to simplify integration while also increasing automation and control possibilities. This means that organizations can reduce costs by leveraging the investment already made with the field devices in use as the RTU can collect and transmit the data into a centralized inventory management system or to a  distributed control system or programmable logic controller.

Seamless Systems Integration

Our engineering and integration services are built around a flexible approach, experienced engineers and an open architecture of products. All of the products we manufacturer or sell support most industry standard interfaces, but we also have the ability to develop custom interfaces as needed. We can also integrate FuelsManager with other critical systems around the tank farm such as emergency fuel shut off and third party business or enterprise resource planning systems. By working with our customers, we are able to design the right integrated solution to meet their needs.