Varec customers manage some of the largest fuel supply chains in the world, and we have helped them manage the acquisition, and follow on life cycle support, of their fuel management systems for over 30 years.

We know the risks that your project will encounter and how to mitigate them to avoid problems before they happen. A Varec program manager will customize our services to meet the specific needs of your program throughout its life cycle, and will keep you and your team informed every step of the way to ensure complete synergy and transparency.


Program Management

As an ISO:9001 certified organization, Varec has a well-defined project management process that complies with international standards. We regularly invest in project management training for project managers to ensure their knowledge remains current. Our project managers have experience developing monthly progress reports, conducting progress meetings, preparing meeting agendas, and quality meeting minutes. Our engineers are also trained to provide professional daily site reports that communicate progress, status, and issues while working on-site.

Project Communications

Our project managers are skilled at developing work breakdown structures in addition to developing and maintaining detailed project schedules using a variety of best-in-class scheduling tools. Internal management performs internal project reviews at the division, operations, and business unit levels depending on the size of the project. These processes help ensure excellent communications during the span of the project life cycle and allow early detection of project related issues.

Risk Management

As some of the most tenured professionals in the industry, Varec team members have the expertise needed to effectively manage project risks, including risk identification, risk analysis and assessment, risk prioritization, and risk treatment in order to determine the best mitigation solutions. Project managers are experienced in developing risk registers and conducting risk management working group meetings as required by the contract or defined in the risk management plan.

Subcontractor Management

Our procurement and project management teams are experienced in managing subcontractors and third-party suppliers to ensure timely delivery of quality products and services. Internal procurement and contracts processes ensure that all contract terms and conditions flow down, as appropriate, to subcontractors. Subcontractors are also expected to comply with our systems engineering and project management procedures and processes.

Security Management

We have experience managing security, privacy policies and procedures, including sensitive and classified data. Our experience includes building out managed secured facilities such as point-to-point network connections to defense networks. We are also familiar with U.S. DoD procedures for security clearances and have staff with active clearances.

Government Furnished Materials

We manage equipment inventory on behalf of commercial and government customers leveraging processes and policies to control, protect, preserve and maintain all government property in its possession or under its control. All government furnished materials and equipment is managed, protected, and controlled through record keeping, documentation, reporting, physical inventory, maintenance, and storage to maximize contractually authorized usage and to minimize damage and losses.