White Paper

Bulk Fuel Information System as a Managed Capability

White paper outlining an outsourced, low-risk delivery model for managing bulk fuel across the supply chain for the defense industry. Read More

Automated Fuel Management and Visibility in Theater

The supply of bulk petroleum to forces engaged in combat is one of the most critical logistics functions carried out in a Theater. The efficient distribution, storage and management of this vital commodity is paramount. Near real-time visibility of stock is crucial to efficiently distribute and support an ever changing battle field environment. Sound... Read More

Addressing API Standard 2350 for Overfill Protection and Prevention

In the coming months and years, owners and operators of US-based petroleum storage facilities will be required to meet the American Petroleum Institute’s Standard 2350 for overfill protection. This white paper explains in layman’s terms some of the concepts behind the standard. Read More

Level Up! The True Cost of Accuracy

In recent years, European tank gauging manufacturers have focused their marketing efforts on persuading tank farm, terminal, and refinery owners operating within the United States that accurate measurement of bulk liquid receipts, and inventory management require advanced tank gauging technologies. Given various equalities between manufacturers, and parity among products, the... Read More