Tank Farm Automation and Control

FuelsManager utilizes specialized data points to automate and control tank farm equipment, increasing safety and improving responsiveness. Combining new automation features with existing inventory management functionality in the same system reduces the complexity of your operations, simplifies IT support requirements, and improves productivity. Read More

Inventory Trend Analysis for Greater Insight

FuelsManager allows your operators to easily display and track data without using traditional strip recorders. Graphical trends can be created from real-time or historical data collected in the FuelsManager system. Read More

Alarms and Event Management for Improved Safety

FuelsManager constantly monitors your system to check for conditions that may require your immediate attention. If an alarm is triggered, FuelsManager provides the tools to help identify the problem and manage the situation in real time. Read More

Integrating FuelsManager with Tank Gauges and Instrumentation

FuelsManager integrates with all major instrumentation and tank gauging technologies, such as float & tape, servo, or radar tank gauges, pressure transmitters, flow meters and leak detection systems. Process data is collected and primarily used in inventory calculations for stock management, but it can also be used to for control and automation. Read More

FuelsManager Enterprise for Aviation

The FuelsManager® Aviation application runs from Varec’s Data Center as a collection of application software services. The Varec Data Center replaces local client and server workstations to provide a centralized enterprise system. Read More