9760 Tactical Mobile Computer

The rugged 9760 Tactical Mobile Computer (TMC) operating FuelsManager® software provides the local fuel farm operator real-time inventory data to manage, account for and report on their current fuel stocks and transactional fuel movements (receipts and issues) on a daily basis and then transfer this data to FuelsManager enterprise systems. Read More

8250 Tactical Interface Converter

The 8250 Tactical Interface Converter (TIC) provides a communications interface between the Tactical Data Unit (TDU) and the Tactical Mobile Computer (TMC). Read More

8240 Tactical Data Unit

The 8240 Tactical Data Unit (TDU) collects pressure, temperature and meter volume from connected field devices, such as the Varec 7660 Tactical Fuel Gauge (TFG) or a Tactical Flow Meter (TFM). Read More

7660 Tactical Fuel Gauge

The 7660 Tactical Fuel Gauge (TFG) is a rugged sensor for measuring pressure and temperature in military and expeditionary collapsible tanks. Read More

Terminal Automation Solution Overview

A complete termination automation solution helps lower the cost of ownership while improving the efficiency and performance of terminal operations. Our solution includes FuelsManager® Inventory Management, SCADA, accounting and Load Rack Automation applications that integrate with tank gauges, operator interfaces and communication devices to provide automation, control and management for fuel and other... Read More

Into-Plane Kiosk for Data Entry and Validation

The Varec Into-Plane Express Kiosk gives service providers an easy-to-use data entry system, with built-in validations, to better automate and streamline their manual ticket processing operations. Read More

Bulk Fuel Management At Tank Farms and Military Fuel Points

Varec provides real-time operational information for military tank farms with tank gauges and FuelsManager software. We offer a single measurement, control and automation solution to monitor key information, manage bulk liquid inventories and react quickly to changing conditions across the facility. Read More

Level Alarms for Gaugeboards and Indicators

Varec’s magnetic limit sensors allow you to upgrade the simplest tank gauging systems to provide electronic level alarm output for controls systems and devices, such as PLCs, remote terminal units, lights or sirens. Read More

Negator Cassette

Key to the operation of the 2500 ATG, the negator motor provides the constant pullback tension required for the fl oat to follow the liquid level as it rises and falls. The standard negator motor can be replaced with a negator cassette. The self contained cassette simplifies maintenance when the negator motor needs to be... Read More

Inventory Management with FuelsManager

FuelsManager provides an intuitive graphical interface for your terminal operators to monitor and manage bulk liquid inventories in real time. Read More