FuelsManager Accounting for Aviation

The FuelsManager® Accounting application provides up to the minute, accurate overviews of fuel ownership and fueling transactions with reduced manual data entry. Read More

FuelsManager for Aviation Fuel Facilities

FuelsManager® allows timely inventory management of bulk fuel stocks as well as complete automation and control of a airport's bulk fuel facility. Read More

Software Support Agreements

A software support agreement ensures that Varec’s technical and application support team is accessible by the telephone or over Internet to guide you through any problems you may face, every step of the way. Read More

Driver Access and Load Rack Throughput

FuelsManager supports all aspects of driver entry and load operations and will improve the efficiency of loading operations on manually operated racks, or racks with advanced electronic control equipment. Read More

Customer and Resource Information Management

FuelsManager allows your operators to easily manage and maintain operational data so that accurate, up-to-date records are available across the system. The system is then able to control actions or provide operator alerts based on the configured information. Read More

Accurate Daily Reporting and Inventory Reconciliation

FuelsManager provides an end-to-end inventory reconciliation system for accurate daily reporting. It integrates information from three key areas of your facility — receipts from pipeline, barge, or load rack systems; product movements and physical inventories from bulk storage tanks; and all bill of lading information from the load rack. Read More

Online Inventory Reporting

FuelsManager is able to provide remote access to a site’s data via the Internet/Intranet. Inventory management summaries and tank displays show a real-time snapshot of your product inventories. Read More

Leak Detection and Inventory Management Systems

FuelsManager offers a viable solution for above-ground storage tank monitoring to meet EPA requirements. It utilizes data from high-accuracy tank gauges that may already monitor inventory levels to detect, and calculate leaks based on tank volumes (gross or net) and tank mass. Read More

Real-Time Status and Alerts of Product Movement

FuelsManager’s Product Movement Tracking application is ideal for facilities that do not operate an automation and control system, such as a DCS, or do not have integrated hardware capable of recording and storing important product movement data. Read More

Throughput Calculations and EPA Title V Reporting

Title V of the 1990 Clean Air Act requires that all major sources of air pollution obtain an operating permit. Tank farms and terminals may be a major source of emissions; consequently they require a Title V permit. Facility owners, and operators must estimate their total emissions each year. Read More