Understand TacFuels and its applications through our portfolio.


Remote and Extreme Environments

Each TacFuels component is ruggedized and suitable for use in extreme environments


Automated Data Capture

TacFuels system captures every fuel disbursement using volume changes in the storage tank and fuel meter values

Improved Accuracy

TacFuels replaces the manual “sting and stick” method for measuring collapsible Storage Tanks (CSTs)

Mobile Solution

TacFuels is an ideal solution for temporary fuel facilities

On-demand Measurement

TacFuels accurately measures every tank on-demand


TacFuels is ideal for recording fuel disbursements directly to helicopter

Ground Vehicle Fueling

TacFuels records fuel disbursements directly from the fuel storage tank

Remote Locations

The system is suitable for measuring collapsible storage tanks from 5k to 500k gallons, often used for remote locations with extreme environments


TacFuels System Components

Ruggedized for operation in harsh environments

Tactical Fuel Gauge

The Tactical Fuel Gauge installs easily to a standard 2″ CST flange connection

Quick Connectors

Each Tactical Fuel Gauge is daisy chained together to create a single communication loop

No Tools Needed

The Tactical Data Unit mounts directly to a standard ground rod

Tactical Fuel Gauge Sensor

The pressure and temperature sensor is safety rated for immersion in flammable liquids

MIL-Standard Connections

All equipment connects using quick connect, mil-spec’d connectors

Integrated Mobile Computing

Custom Kits can be supplied with hand held computers and small format printers

Component Kits

TacFuels fuel gauge and accessories in shipping case

Component Kits

Example Fuel Meter Packaging

TacFuels Kit Packaging

All kits are shipped to site in ruggedized cases ready for deployment


Example System Diagram

Standard Four CST Fuel Facility

Example System Diagram

Six CST Fuel Facility

Example System Diagram

Eight CST Fuel Facility

Tactical Mobile Computing

The TacFuels Mobile Computer can be installed in a command location close to the fuel supply point.

TFG Install

Installing a tactical fuel gauge is a simple process that takes minutes

TFG Install

Tactical fuel gauge on partially full CST

TDU Install

A tactical data unit installed at the side of a fuel facility

Systems Integration

Varec engineers ensure the system is integrated with existing equipment

To view orĀ  download the configuration images, please click each link.

Four CTSs

Six CSTs

Eight CSTs