Alliance for Aviation Fuels

Companies Offer Joint Solution for Comprehensive Aviation Fuels Supply Management


Atlanta, Georgia, (September 3, 2015) – Liquid Controls, LLC, an IDEX Energy and Fuels Business (NYSE:IEX) and a leading provider of high quality flow meters and accessories for accurate liquid measurement, and Varec, Inc., a Leidos company and a leader in automated fuels management solutions for the oil and gas, aviation and defense markets, have formed a strategic alliance to offer an integrated fuels management solution for the aviation industry.

Under the alliance, Liquid Controls and Varec will perform a technical integration of their respective fuels management solutions, Liquid Controls’ LectroCount LCR 600 FlightConnect, an electronic register with into-plane fueling software, and Varec’s FuelsManager® Aviation software. The integrated offering is a comprehensive solution to manage dispatch resources and track aviation fuels supply and consumption from the fuel farm to the wingtip of the aircraft and back up to the enterprise.

“This strategic alliance combines the deep fuels inventory management and accounting experience of Varec with Liquid Controls’ innovative electronic registers,” said Marty Favero, President of Varec, Inc. “Our joint solution will track and record fuel delivery more accurately and efficiently than ever before.”

“The integration of LCR 600 FlightConnect into FuelsManager provides airline service providers with another choice as to how they operate under the wingtip, along with substantial savings,” said Derek Blagg, Aviation Business Development Director for Varec, Inc. “The LCR 600’s built in interface and wireless communication capabilities means a handheld device and additional data capture unit are no longer needed to record fuel transactions.”

“Varec and Liquid Controls have formed an alliance that will result in a measureable benefit for airline service providers,” said Frank Montalvo, Liquid Controls’ Aviation Business Line Leader. “The ramp is a physically demanding environment. Our products, installed on fuel hydrant carts and fuel trucks have proven reliable over years of service, and, more importantly, they have been well accepted by the fuel agents for their ease of use. Anything we do to simplify their tasks while unobtrusively capturing more meaningful data increases service levels for everyone involved. That means less flight delays and more accurate inventory management, reconciliation and accounting.”



Varec is a worldwide leader in fuels management and tank gauging systems, supplying integrated hardware and software solutions to oil and gas, defense and aviation markets for over 75 years. The Varec FuelsManager suite of product solutions has been a longtime standard of major oil companies and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as a proven system for the aviation industry.


Liquid Controls, LLC, an IDEX Energy and Fuels Business (NYSE:IEX), has been dedicated to providing high quality flow meters for accurate liquid measurement in both custody transfer and process control applications. Liquid Controls meters are designed to handle the toughest fluid metering applications. Liquid Controls combines over a half-century of application experience for commercial aviation and military fueling applications. For more information, visit http// or contact us at

LectroCount is a registered trademark of Liquid Controls. Varec and FuelsManager are registered trademarks of Varec, Inc.

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