Aviation Solutions Overview

This brochure outlines the offerings available under our Aviation solution. Read More

Instrumentos de Medición Para Tanques de Almacenamiento de Líquidos a Granel

Medición simple, segura y confiable de inventario Read More

FuelsManager Por Monitoreo, Control, Automatización y Contabilidad de Inventario

FuelsManager permite la automatización y gestión sin precedentes para todas las instalaciones de crudo, productos refinados, GLP, productos químicos, fertilizantes y asfalto. La funcionalidad para el monitoreo y la gestión de tanques de almacenamiento de líquidos a granel está totalmente integrada con las características para una solución completa de automatizaciones de terminales de camiones, tal... Read More

Tank Gauging Products for Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks

Simple, safe and reliable inventory measurement using float and tape, servo, radar, transmitters, and other tank gauging equipment and accessories. Read More

FuelsManager for Monitoring, Control, Automation and Inventory Accounting

FuelsManager provides unparalleled automation and management for all crude, refined product, LPG, chemical, fertilizer, and asphalt facilities. Functionality for monitoring and managing bulk liquid storage tanks is fully integrated with features for a complete end-to-end terminal automation solution, such as access control, security, truck rack loading/unloading, order entry, transaction management, and daily inventory reconciliation and accounting. Read More

Automated and Continuous FOD Detection and Runway Monitoring

Varec’s Foreign Object Debris Detection (FODD) system reduces runway downtime while increasing runway safety, allowing you to increase capacity and efficiency. At the center of the solution is a network of sensors, or surface detection units (SDUs), collocated with the runway edge lights. Each SDU utilizes a combination of a millimeter-wave radar and camera optics. Read More

6700 Magnetic Limit Sensor Installation Guide

Document provides installation, wiring, technical data, and order codes for the magnetic limit sensor kit. Read More