Varec provides a simple approach to terminal automation – one supplier, one system and one source for technical expertise and support.

We help lower the cost of ownership while improving the efficiency and performance of terminal operations. Our solution provides automation and management for a variety of bulk liquids, which includes functionality for tank storage monitoring and control, facility access control, truck loading and offloading, order entry, transaction management, and accounting ledgers and inventory reconciliation.



Complete Load Rack Solutions for Terminal Automation
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Bulk Liquid Storage Supply Chain


Accurate Inventory Management

We are the only terminal automation provider that also offers a wide array of level instruments, interfaces and accessories. This means we can meet any level of accuracy required to support facility operations. Our FuelsManager® Inventory Management application integrates with these field devices to provide terminal operators with real-time remote monitoring from the control room and other facilities.

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Real-Time Accountability

With the FuelsManager Accounting application, facilities can improve the visibility and accountability of all products stored at the terminal. Terminal operators are able to reconcile book versus physical inventory for all managed products, including additives, blends and co-mingled products. They can lock down accounting periods, automatically create close-out reports and quickly identify variances. The daily management of product inventory allows for improved billing cycles. All of this data is also available at the enterprise to provide greater insight into an organization’s total stock position.


Efficient Throughput

The FuelsManager Throughput Calculator application helps manage the throughput of products from receipt, to the tanks and issues at the load rack. It provides greater insight into the product received and stored at the tank farm, while also improving the flow of vehicles through the load rack. At the gate, driver ID and credentials are quickly validated to allow entry.  Pre-load stations allow drivers to verify load authorization, training qualifications and product availability prior to pulling onto the load rack.  The pre-load station eliminates wasted time at the load rack and improves overall wait times in the terminal.  Driver and vehicle credentials are validated at the load rack ensuring only those authorized can load products.. These features simplify the driver’s tasks and expedite the time each driver spends at the terminal.

Facility Access and Control

The FuelsManager Load Rack Automation application helps operators control facility access, and facilitates efficient, safe, and secure loading operations by interfacing to the 8620 Driver Entry Terminal. It is web-based and there is no client software to install. Interfaces are also available for 3rd-party automation and safety equipment, such as electronic presets, ESD and grounding systems, or load rack control equipment. The application is also compatible with TWIC identity verification standards.

Increased Safety

FuelsManager has extensive alarm and event recording capabilities for movement tracking, tank gauging and loading operations. It is able to interface with safety devices, such as alarm sensors, overfill prevention, ground systems, vehicle identification, and leak detection systems  These interfaces and integration drives automation actions throughout the terminal based on inputs, outputs and status.

Seamless Integration

Our organization is comprised of highly experienced industry veterans who bring their expertise to every project. By leveraging open systems or industry standard communication protocols, we believe this simplifies both installation and commission. Unique or third-party systems are also easily integrated using interfaces that enable seamless data sharing.