Operator Training

Varec is an industry leader in implementing, managing, maintaining and optimizing comprehensive environmental compliance programs.

With years of experience in the oil and gas industry, and as a certified California UST Operator, we are perfectly suited to perform the duties of Designated UST employee trainer and operator at storage facilities.



How We Work

Certified Varec inspectors conduct monthly visual inspections of each storage tank, which includes:

  • Full functional check of installed leak detection monitoring equipment
  • Check of current alarm conditions and alarm history for trends and correct alarm response procedures
  • Inspection for the presence of hazardous substances, water and debris in spill containers, under-dispenser containment areas and containment sumps
  • Verification of required activities and records for all testing, maintenance and training

As part of the Varec program, we also implement annual on-the-job training for all on-site facility employees, which includes:

  • A professional online training program that allows facility employees to view training material, verify comprehension and take an exam via a standard web browser – at home or at work
  • Training materials that contain localized information regarding health and safety, emergency shutdown procedures and emergency contacts, as well as any facility-specific information
  • Maintaining accurate records of all trained personnel

California - Designated UST Operator Program

California Code of Regulations Title 23 Section 2715(a)-(f) mandates that each Underground Storage Tank (UST) installation must be assigned a Designated UST Operator to perform monthly inspections, maintain records and perform on-the-job facility employee training.

Our team of certified professionals is currently under contract to conduct Designated UST Operator duties at several California installations.

What are Your Options

If your facility must meet state or federal regulations, you have two options: train and certify your staff to International Code Council (ICC) accreditation and conduct the designated UST operator duties in-house or contact an ICC-certified consultant to perform designated UST operator tasks.