Overfill Protection

Varec provides a turnkey solution for facilities looking to upgrade and achieve compliance.

Throughout the bulk liquid storage industry, it is increasingly being viewed as good practice to provide some form of overfill prevention on all hazardous material storage tanks. In the U.S., owners and operators of petroleum storage facilities are looking to meet the American Petroleum Institute’s Standard 2350 for overfill protection.



How We Work

Certified Varec consultants will survey the facility, inspect each tank and provide recommendations based on individual requirements.

  • Tanks remain in-service during installation and testing (minimal disruption in system operations).
  • We select the best, approved technology from industry leading manufacturers for the application at hand.
  • Installed overfill prevention systems are independent of other level measurement and inventory systems.
  • SCADA capabilities allow the overfill measurement device to directly shut down system devices, such as pumps or valves.
  • Single point of contact for environmental compliance – We handle all contracting services and communicate with all parties involved to ensure even the smallest project is managed and implemented effectively and on time.
  • Impartial advice is provided based on our 15 years of experience in the field, enabling facility managers to make more informed decisions.
  • All required testing is performed prior to the “out-of-compliance” date and all reports are verified before they are submitted to approval agencies or local authorities.
  • Help desk support is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to solve technical and application problems.
  • On-site or formal classroom instruction is available to provide technical and functional awareness training for staff.

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