8410 Wireless Field Transceiver

8410 Wireless Field Transceiver

The 8410 Wireless Field Transceiver (WFT) provides a complete solution for wireless transmission of tank gauging data from field instruments to a control room system.


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Reliable Communications

The 8410 WFT provides simultaneous slave/repeater functionality and line-of-sight transmission up to 20 miles. 900 MHz frequency range cuts through extreme RF background noise. It can be configured for point-to-point or multi-point systems to ensure your tank data never fails to reach the control room.



On Your Tank

Varec offers a wide range of mounting options and antennas to install the 8410 WFT and its antenna in the optimum location, such as on a hand rail, conduit, stand pipe or post.




900-928 MHz with Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)


100 mW to 1 Watt with substitution, dynamic key encryption
20 miles, line‐of‐sight
Features 24 VDC out for supplying power to connected devices, such as the Varec 2920 FTT


RS‐232 / 485 / 422 data (software selectable) 1200 to 115.2 KBaud. e.g. MODBUS
3‐wire RTD pass through terminals to connected device

Power Consumption (@ 24VDC)

6 mA in sleep mode
15 mA in idle mode
54 mA in full time receive
250 mA transmit current

Ambient Temperature Range

‐40 °F to +167 °F (‐40 °C to +75 °C)


NEMA 3, 4, 7 & 9
IP66 (optional)

For complete technical specifications, download the technical document or product manual.

01 Power Drive
  • 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz
  • 6-90 VDC & 30-65 VAC
02 Antenna Connection
  • RP-SMA
  • “N” Type Female
03 Antenna
  • Maxrad – Yagi – 6.4dB Gain, 14″ N Female
  • Maxrad – Yagi – 9.0dB Gain, 20.5″ N Female
  • Ventech Omni – Unity Gain, 8” RP-SMA
  • Maxrad Omni – Unity Gain, 14″ N Female
  • Maxrad Omni – 3dB Gain, 23″ N Female
  • Maxrad Omni – 5dB Gain, 48″ N Male
  • Maxrad -Omni – 7dB Gain, 96″ N Male

Note! Yagi Antennas provide increased RF range in one direction. Omni-Directional antenna’s provide 360 degree coverage for communication in any direction. Option OU mounts directly to the 8410. All other options require cabling and mounting.

04 Antenna Mounts
  • None
  • Maxrad Yagi Mount
  • Light Duty Mast Mount for under 30′
  • Light Duty Mast Mount for over 30″
  • Heavy Duty Mast Mount
  • Wall Mount for Antennas over 30″ (Two required)
05 Lightning Protection
  • None
  • Inline Lightning Arrestor, 2x “N” Type Female Antenna

Note! Antenna option ‘L’ is not compatible with Antenna Connection “S”, or Antenna “OU”


8410 Wireless Field Transceiver Installation and Operation Manual
Designed to assist the user in the installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the 8410 Wireless Field Transceiver.

Technical Specifications

8410 Wireless Field Transceiver Technical Specifications
Technical specifications for the 8410 Wireless Field Transceiver.


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