8232 Data Capture Unit

8232 Data Capture Unit

The 8232 Data Capture Unit (DCU) is a ruggedized electronic data acquisition, monitoring and automation device. It connects to devices, such as flow meters or fueling interlocks, to assist with transaction validation, automate actions or identify maintenance requirements. They transfer captured data to a mobile computer or directly into the system by either a hardwired or a wireless connection.


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Critical Component for Automated Fuels Management

The 8232 DCU automatically collects metered fuel volumes and fuel temperatures for real-time fuel transaction management. It supplies fuel meter register data for accurate fuel inventory reconciliation on a daily basis. The DCU also connects to other fuel vehicle devices, such as pressure, flow or fueling interlocks, to assist with transaction validation, overfuel prevention and protection or identify maintenance requirements.


Net Fuel Volumes

If the fueling equipment is fitted with a fuel temperature sensor (3-wire RTD), the 8232 DCU is able to calculate temperature
corrected fuel volumes. This feature allows FuelsManager® to accurately compare net fuel volumes issued against physical inventories when accounting for gain/loss, which may result in a reduction of your monthly gain/loss totals.


Wireless Data Connection

The 8232 DCU automatically collects and sends metered fuel volume data to a handheld computer via Bluetooth wireless technology or computer via a hard-wired connection. There is no need to replace current equipment as the 8232 DCU can connect up to two 3rd-party mechanical pulse transmitters or a single electronic meter register.


Easy to Install or Retrofit

A small footprint allows easy installation on all fueling vehicles and hydrant carts. To optimize the 8232 DCU’s wireless communications signal, the unit should be installed in an elevated position that is protected from accidental damage or abuse.


Low Power Requirements

The 8232 DCU’s power saving features and the low power requirements of Bluetooth communications make the 8232 DCU ideally suited for use on stationary hydrant carts.  The 8232 DCU’s own power output terminals provide constant or on-demand power for up to two pulse transmitters or other external devices. A low cost, low power solar solution can be easily retrofitted to any hydrant cart that is unpowered.



Suitable for Harsh Environments

The die-cast aluminum housing carries a NEMA 4 classification, while the electronics are rated for use in extreme temperatures of -4 °F to +167 °C (-20 °C to +75 °C) – a combination that makes the unit suitable for use in harsh environments. The entire unit is also currently undergoing testing and evaluation for approved use in class 1, division 1 hazardous environments to Factory Mutual® standards.



Dual pulse count channels, connect up to two mechanical pulse transmitters
Serial channel for digital communications, connect an electronic meter register
4-20 mA Analog input channel, connect to an analog fl ow or pressure transmitter


Resistive Temperature Device (RTD) interface
Connect a 3-wire (Pt/Cu) fuel temperature sensor


Solid state relay output channel and dual high side output drivers
Control a digital output or voltage specific outputs, such as an interlock or shutdown valve


Input voltage 6 VDC or 12 VDC – Low power requirements
Power output terminals – Provide constant or on-demand power for up to two pulse transmitter(s) or other external devices

For complete technical specifications, download the technical document or product manual.


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