Overfill Protection

Ensure that your facility meets or exceeds
the American Petroleum Institue's Standard API 2350


Throughout the bulk liquid storage industry, it is increasingly being viewed as good practice to provide some form of overfill prevention on all hazardous material storage tanks. In the U.S., owners and operators of petroleum storage facilities are looking to meet the American Petroleum Institute’s Standard 2350 for overfill protection. Varec are able to provide a turnkey solution for facilities looking to upgrade and achive Compliance.

The Cost of Failure

Bulk storage tank overfills are a common cause of product release and pollution at tank farms, terminals and refineries. Some overfills are small and easily contained, but the accumulation of product from repeated overfills or even a single large spill can cause significant soil and ground water contamination. A small spill could cost a tank farm or terminal $3-4 million in clean up and fines. For a fraction of this price, a system with new level alarm devices can be placed on a few hundred tanks that would ensure operational safety.

Reference Solutions

There are many ways for the different tank gauging technologies to be applied to this standard and to the individual applications of a particular operator.

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