Technical Support Services

Varec’s technical and application support center provides
advice, troubleshooting and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week


Varec’s Technical Support Center (TSC) staff provides expert advice, troubleshooting and assistance as well as remote systems diagnosis 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A support contract ensures Varec’s technical and application support team is accessible to guide you through the problems you are facing, every step of the way.

Product Support Options

Standard and premium technical support programs* are available for actively supported mainstream product versions. For customers electing not to purchase annual technical support, assistance is available on a pay-per-call basis. Extended support programs for older versions may be available, but will be subject to an additional charge.

Standard Support Program

Our standard support program provides up to 40 help desk incidents annually for investigating and resolving issues, making configuration corrections and assistance necessary to return your system to a normal functional state using your available spare parts and system information, such as database backups. Support is provided 24x7 through our toll free telephone, e-mail, fax or web site.

Premium Support Program

In addition to the services offered under our standard support program, our premium level of support includes access to new releases of software or firmware. Customers will be notified when any new release is available and, on request, support staff will ship the upgrade using the most appropriate method. In addition, Varec technical staff will provide telephone support, if necessary, to assist in installing the version upgrade.

Product Warranties

If you need to renew or extend your product warranty, contact us to find out how.

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