Radar Tank Gauging

Non-contact continuous level measurement instrumentation with high reliability and low maintenance

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Radar technology is suitable for measuring a wide range of petroleum products. Radar technology is independent of the process conditions inside the tank. Temperature, pressure and gas vapors have minimal effect on "radar impulses." The dielectric constant of the liquid being measured is a critical factor when considering a radar tank gauging solution.

  • A Complete Tank Gauging System - Varec offers a complete tank gauging system that includes radar gauge, tank side monitor and temperature probe. A 4590 Tank Side Monitor is required to integrate a device for temperature measurement suitable for inventory management applications. The 4590 TSM also provides power to the radar tank gauge and additional functionality such as I/O, tank calculations, pressure (HART®) sensor integration and the appropriate field communications protocols for data transfer to the control room system.
  • High Accuracy, Custody Transfer Approved - Varec's FMR series adn 753x series of Radar Tank Gauges are third-party certified to provide inventory management level (+/- 2-6 mm) measurement accuracy or NMi approved high accuracy (+/- 1 mm) level measurement for custody transfer applications.
  • Non-contact Equals Low Maintenance - Radar gauges are extremely low maintenance devices because they are not in physical contact with the liquid product and they have no moving parts.

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