Connect your existing field devices for reliable, accurate data collection and seamless system integration

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Varec's Tank Gauge Interfaces provide true open communications that allow seamless integration into any tank gauging system, PLC or DCS system. Installed at the tank side or in the control room, tank gauge interfaces are used for integrating sensors and control systems. Open system architecture allows for the integration of different technologies while maintaining full system functionality.

Applications may vary, but the goal for all is the same: having reliable, accurate data at a reasonable cost. If you run a tank farm, terminal or refinery, talk to us about integration devices for all major tank gauging manufacturers.

  • Connect your existing field communications
  • Integrate tank gauging instrumentation from all major manufacturers
  • Allow remote configuration and diagnostics
  • Maintain and integrate your legacy systems and devices
  • Provide master/slave capabilities in parallel
  • Serve data on different host protocols simultaneously
  • Provide additional I/O capabilities

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