FuelsManager for Oil and Gas

Software to ensure safe storage and distribution, track product visibility and provide accurate accounting for the local facility operator and to the corporate enterprise

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In the oil and gas industry, FuelsManager assists owners and operators of facilities such as tank farms, terminals and refineries that manage the receipt, storage and distribution of bulk liquid petroleum products. It is a single, facility-wide monitoring, control and automation solution that will improve the efficiency, safety and performance of your entire operation.

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Products in this category

  • Inventory Monitoring
    Standard Edition | STD | is ideally suited for bulk liquid asset management applications at tank farms, terminals, refineries and chemical plants. Using features, such as configurable tank displays, inventory reports and powerful alarm tools, your operators are easily able to monitor key information, efficiently managing your bulk liquid inventories and reacting quickly to changing conditions across your facility.
  • Automation & Control
    Professional Edition | PROF | is designed for larger, more complex facilities were multiple operators may need to access centralized inventory data, or third party systems need to be integrated to drive the automation of facility equipment. It provides all the standard edition features for visualizing bulk liquid assets and adds additional functionality, such as networking, integration, automation points and custom graphics.
  • Complete Terminal Automation
    Terminal Automation Edition | TAS | provides unparalleled automation and management for all crude, refined product, LPG, chemical, fertilizer and asphalt facilities. Existing functionality for managing bulk liquid storage tanks is now fully integrated with new features for access control, security, truck rack loading/unloading, order entry, transaction management, daily inventory reconciliation and accounting.  
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