FuelsManager for Defense

Field-proven fuels management software for real-time global inventory visibility and accountability across all air, ground and marine fuel supply operations

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FuelsManager Defense, Varec’s commercial off-the-shelf software solution, provides mission critical functionality that assists key logistical decision making for air, ground and marine fueling requirements at the base, tactical command or enterprise levels. Using a single integrated system allows your defense organizations to realize efficiencies in operations, command, support and training.

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  • On Base Operations
    FuelsManager Defense assists the flightline dispatcher in making correct and timely decisions for fuel requests. At the tank farm, it allows your operator to manage bulk inventories through one real-time monitoring, control and automation system.
  • Tactical Operations
    In a battlefield or forward operating environment, FuelsManager Defense provides a system for managing fuel, recording transactions, reconciling fuel accounts and reporting across all armed forces.
  • Enterprise
    The FuelsManager Defense Enterprise solution connects all fixed base and tactical operations to provide a worldwide overview of inventories and fuel transactions. Security is paramount - manage data securely while providing authorized users access to only the data that is relevant to their line of command and operations.
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