Runway Operations

Automated FOD detection solutions to improve runway safety and increase capacity

Airports across the world are seeing increased demand for air transport, which creates many operational challenges for airport management teams. Each day, aircraft face various forms of runway-based safety hazards, including birds, wildlife and a wide range of foreign object debris (FOD). Time must be allocated for safety checks to ensure FOD is not present on runway, apron and ramp areas. Varec’s Foreign Object Debris Detection (FODD) system reduces runway downtime while increasing runway safety, allowing you to increase capacity and efficiency. Operators are alerted to a potential hazard as it occurs, even during inclement weather conditions so that risk can be averted immediately without waiting for the next safety check.


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Varec, Inc. and Liquid Controls, LLC have formed a strategic alliance to offer an integrated fuels management solution for the aviation industry. Read More Here...

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