Food & Beverage

Measurement and automation solutions for bulk liquid control and management

Varec’s expertise in the oil and gas industry for measuring and monitoring bulk liquid inventories and controlling the flow of liquids throughout storage facilities extends to the food and beverage industries for alcohol, oils, dairy, vinegars, citrus and potable water.

FuelsManager, our inventory management and automation software, is ideally suited to many industrial applications, such as storing, managing or processing bulk liquids in your plants and facilities. The Professional Edition provides all the Standard Edition features for visualizing bulk liquids, alarms and reports useful to managers and operators; it also adds additional functionality, such as SCADA and the ability to create custom HMI graphic screens of many tank types such as, holding, process, reactors, fermenters, sludge or storage of finished product.

Our ranges of tank gauging and instrumentation products are a perfect fit for many of your applications, whether it is an economical, simple measurement application or a more demanding pressurized or temperature extreme application.

Some of What We Can Offer


  • Bulk Liquid Measurement
  • Tank Storage Monitoring
  • Facility Control
  • Terminal Automation
  • Accounting & Reconciliation


  • Project Management
  • Integration & Start-up
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Environmental Compliance
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