Transaction Management

Varec has over 30 years experience capturing transactions for daily fuel account reconciliation.

Our products and systems help capture and validate the required information, whether that is a bulk storage pipeline receipt, a truck loading rack transaction, or an into-plane fueling. We specialize in streamlining workflows and automating existing manual based processes. Errors are reduced and transaction data is available in real time, so that when you finish your day, you can report an accurate inventory position.

What We Can Offer


  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
  • Defense Fuels
  • Aviation Fuels & Glycol
  • Mining and Drilling


  • Instrumentation
  • Data Capture Units
  • Wirless Data Communications
  • Mobile Computing
  • Enterprise Systems


  • Terminal & Plant Operators
  • Airlines Service Providers
  • Oil Companies
  • Government Agencies & Contractors
  • Logistics Companies
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