Real-time Dispatching

An effective resource management and planning tool

Varec solutions for fuel ticket dispatching are used across military and commercial aviation applications. We understand the flight line and ramp environments; many of our staff has either commercial or military fueling backgrounds. That is why our systems are designed to help reduce delays, vehicle usage, facility traffic and manpower requirements. We integrate your daily schedules into FuelsManager, provide manual or auto-dispatch control, and maintain real-time information exchange between the wingtip and the dispatcher.

What We Can Offer


  • Defense Fuels
  • Aviation Fuels & Glycol
  • Fuels Logistics


  • Mobile computing
  • Automated Data Capture
  • Wireless, Cellular & Satellite Communications
  • IT Information Systems Integration


  • Airlines
  • Airline Service Providers
  • Logistic Management Companies
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