Enterprise Fuels Management

Varec's enterprise solutions give you complete visibility and control of your supply chain

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, you need solutions to manage the inventory and movement of fuel across your supply chain. Our line of hardware products provides everything you require to capture the data your systems need, from automatic tank gauges, transmitters, interface devices, and operator interface terminals to mobile devices. These devices interface seamlessly with our software to monitor and control your facilities and perform back office operations, such as inventory reconciliation and quality control. You can install a local server at refineries and large terminals to ensure reliable and safe process control and FuelsManager will synchronize this data in near real time to the enterprise servers. Smaller facilities where investment in equipment is not justified, can enter information directly into the enterprise or, in some cases, mobile devices. Our enterprise data warehouse brings together the data across your facilities to give you complete visibility and insight into your business. You can also use FuelsManager Enterprise as a central hub to exchange data with SAP or other business systems.  

What We Can Offer


  • Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
  • Defense Fuels
  • Aviation Fuels & Glycol


  • Oil Companies
  • Airlines
  • Airlines Service Providers
  • Government Agencies & Contractors
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