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Varec's customers in the oil and gas industry include almost all global oil companies, nationalized oil corporations and independent facility operators. We are a primary contractor to many departments within the U.S. Department of Defense, including the Defense logistics Agency (DLA), as well as the Australian Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom's Department of Defence and NATO organizations. Within the aviation industry, we partner with major U.S. airlines, airport consortiums and aviation service companies.

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Aviation 10%

Oil & Gas 38%

Defense & Government 45%

Other 7%

Our Customer's Stories

Complete Load Rack Solutions

In late 2011, Marstel Terminals Pty Ltd released a scope of work specifications for the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of a four-bay gantry truck loading and automation control system that would fit the distribution needs of a diesel terminal. From the qualified respondents, Marstel considered Varec the right partner to design and deliver a complete load rack solution. This was due to the extensive industry knowledge and terminal automation experience offered by the local Varec employees as well as the capabilities offered from Varec’s FuelsManager software.

During the design and engineering period, the scope of the project developed in complexity. This was due to the acquisition of Marstel by Stolthaven Terminals. Stolthaven have corporate requirements for instrumentation and safety systems that needed to be included in the scope. The scope also expanded to meet the specific requirements for two of the terminal’s major customers — a global mining company and major oil company both operating in the local energy market.

In late 2013, the manufacturing of four truck loading skids that contained all measurement and control instrumentation required for efficient loading were completed. Varec personnel commissioned the first two skids and the terminal automation system on schedule and in time for the official opening. The second two skids were then brought online a month later — formally completing the project in June 2014.

  • Engineering & Design
  • Automation & Control
  • Project Management
  • Industry Knowledge & Experience

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Capturing Point of Sale Transactions

The U.S. Coast Guard requires a solution to capture fuel deliveries from bulk storage to USCG aircraft and transient aircraft from the army, air force, and navy. They looked to Varec Inc. to develop and test a functional system at Elizabeth City Coast Guard Air Station, North Carolina. FuelsManager, Varec's bulk inventory management system is currently approved by, and licensed to the U.S. Department of Defense. But it was the work Varec performs for airline service providers that was of interest to the Coast Guard.

Varec's mobile Into-plane solution captures aviation fuel transactions using hazardous area approved handheld computers running specific software designed for Windows Mobile. These units communicate with fuel meters on the fuel trucks and share data with the bulk inventory management system through a docking station, which in turn sends the data to the enterprise system.

At the test site, the Coast Guard's fueling fleet has be outfitted with a similar mobile solution that captures the quantity of fuel issued, scans credit card information, validates the electronic ID of the fueling operator as well as the ID of the recipient of the fuel. Data formats differ between industries but the transactions were essentially the same. The addition of a mobile credit card reader was also required. Final electronic transactions are transferred to the FuelsManager Defense system and used for complete inventory reconciliation.

Job Competencies:
  • Mobile computing
  • Military Fuels Experience
  • DLA Enterprise Systems
  • Inventry Reconciliation

NATO Fuels Management

NATO required a complete fuels management and integrated logistics system for its Afghanistan operations that would consolidate in an enterprise system at NATO Headquarters in Luxemburg. It would need to encompass tracking bulk fuel inventories at military bases and deliveries of fuel to all vehicles, aircraft, and equipment for on and off-base activities, for all defense forces each base supported. Varec was selected to develop a solution based on its aviation and defense fuels pedigree. A key component of the solution was the development and support of an integrated mobile data capture and validation element.

Due to the nature of the environment, ruggedized handheld computers, tested to military specifications were deployed to the fuel storage facilities and placed on fuel trucks. These units perform multiple tasks. At the fuel facility they capture receipt and delivery information from fuel meters and inventory information from Varec's TacFuels inventory system. On the trucks they interface to flow meters, scan equipment barcodes, and credit cards. Every handheld computer talks directly to the enterprise systems, using cellular communications just like our smart phones. This allows a near real-time view of inventories and transactions. Usability was of key importance to the system. Operators are often different nationalities and possess different skill levels. The software needed to enforce workflows to capture the required information but also empower each user, simplify tasks, and make data entry a breeze.

Job Competencies:
  • Mobile Computing
  • Defense Fuels Management
  • Cellular Communications
  • Enterprise Systems Integration

Airport Tank Farm Automation

The fuel storage facility at Salt Lake City (SLC) International Airport is managed and operated by Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG). This includes the day-to-day operation of the fuel facility and associated hydrant system that is used to distribute fuel to the ramp. In 2009, ASIG commissioned an independent operational feasibility study of the fuel facility. The resulting report identified the existing inventory management and control system was reaching the end of it’s service life and was not in line with current industry standards. Varec was commissioned to supply an tank gauging, inventory management and control solution for the airport' fuel farm.

Job Competencies:
  • Project Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Tank Gauging
  • Controls & PLC Programming

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Improving Tactical Fuels Measurement

The fuel storage facility at Bagram Air Field (BAF) in Afghanistan is managed and operated by Fluor under LOGCAP IV. This includes the day-to-day operation of the fuel facility and associated tactical fuel storage systems that are used to store and distribute fuel for base and forward operations. In March 2010, Bagram Central Contracting Office via the 82nd Sustainment Command commissioned Varec to install and commission an automated tactical fuel measurement system to aid in the inventory management of bulk fuel operations, improving fuel accountability. The system replaced the existing line-gauge technique and ultimately adds consistency, reliability and real-time visibility of physical stocks and helps improve the transparency of fuel accounting on the base.

Job Competencies:
  • Tactical Fuels Measurement
  • Fuels Accounting
  • Base and Forward Operational Support
  • Fuels Data Analysis

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